Municipal Services

NPE can provide professional engineering and management assistance for municipal projects including sewer and waterline design, septic elimination projects, sewer repair and rehabilitation, wastewater treatment plant evaluation, contract management, asset management and feasibility studies.

Sewer Design
   ·  Sanitary Sewers
   ·  Storm Sewers
   ·  Collection System Evaluation

Septic Elimination Projects
   ·  Engineering Report
   ·  Feasibility Study
   ·  Design and Technical Specs
   ·  Construction Management

Sewer Repair and Rehabilitation
   ·  Inflow/Infiltration Evaluation on Existing    Collection System
   ·  Recommend and Design Solutions
   ·  Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) - Design, Bid and Construction Services
   ·  Open Cut Repairs- Design, Bid and Construction Services

Waste Water Treatment Plants
   ·  Technical review to meet NPDES requirements

Waterline Design
   ·  Extensions
   ·  New substation systems

Contract Preparation and Management
   ·  Prepare bid documents
   ·  Manage bid process

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